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Blog Post #11 – January 10th, 2020

Yesterday we had a family meeting to discuss how we are doing in our quest.  We have used up our pet/vet budget and my work lunches are limited from here out.  We each have used one tank of gas so we are doing good on transportation costs. No haircuts so we still have our personal care budget   We will count the MS as charity. I did not realize we had bike insurance as a monthly expense. We both have very expensive bikes so it is a necessity, just not a budgeted one.

The other excitement that we had yesterday was a cat followed us home on our dog walk.  We have a shelter dog who is not good at sharing so we cannot keep this cat but it was very thin and a giant storm was headed this way so we took it in and tried to find a  shelter to take it. Normally we would have bought cat food and litter, but we already burned through our pet/vet budget so this cat gets to eat dog food until we take it to a no kill shelter in Austin when my daughter goes back to college.

Also tonight, my daughters and I went to see the movie Little Women in which they treated me to the tickets and the food.  Said giant storm did show up and knocked the power out in the movie theater and the projector flipped out. It took them awhile to get the movie going again so they gave us a movie ticket and food voucher.  So that further extends our entertainment budget for the month. But again do I need to amend my schedule B?

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