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Blog Post #12 – January 11th, 2020

For the Western District Bench Bar we wrap up the conference early and have activities on Friday afternoon.  Usually it is golf and spa activities. This time I thought we could change it up and have skeet shooting. I put my good buddy and shooting enthusiast, Joe Shulter, in charge of the event.  He found a place about 30 miles north of Salado,where the seminar is being held, called Weber’s Shooting Range in Troy Texas. Joe Shulter, his friend Lee Davis and my husband, Dennis Tyll, and myself drove up there today to take a look at the place.  It will be a great event. They took us around and had us try out some shooting stations on the Sporting Clay Shooting range. I am very impressed with the place and even though I am NOT a shooting enthusiast, I took a couple of shots. Anyone who is attending the seminar should think about going to the event even if you have never shot before, it was very beginner friendly.

This time we had to drive past two different Buc-ee’s twice.  We pulled into a Whataburger and Dennis and I did not buy anything.  I packed a bag with fruit, power bars and water and we took advantage of that.  We did stop for lunch in Salado at a steakhouse that claims to have the best chicken fried steak between the Red River and the Rio Grande so of course we had to try that.  It was very good. So that was $40.00. Plus it was a long drive and we didn’t get a chance to do grocery shopping. I will have to get the shopping and cooking done tomorrow because our refrigerator is completely out of food unless we want to eat the fresh pet!  It is supposed to be very cold in the morning so I guess I will get my grocery list together in the morning and get the cooking done in the afternoon.

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