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Blog Post #14 – January 13th, 2020.

I know I promised an update of how Judge Gargotta is doing, but I got to court late and I was not able to talk to him before court started.  This time of year in San Antonio everyone is ill from allergies and they got him today. He even went home early due to illness which is very unusual for him.. I will try again tomorrow to see if I can talk to him.  I was able to get some inside intel that he packed his lunch today. This is very unusual for him he never packs a lunch.  

It also makes me think about our clients who do not have sick leave.  If he worked at a place that had no time off this illness could completely derail the process.  If he needs medical attention we did not really give him a lot of leeway in that area either.

I managed to remember my lunch today.  Tomorrow I have hearings at 11, 2 and 3.  I am debating whether I should pack a lunch and go knock on Judge Gagotta’s door to see if I can borrow his microwave or just walk over to the mall and eat at the food court.  I still have $9.00 in my lunch budget. I will see how the weather looks in the morning. Now that I made it to the middle of the month maybe I can divert some of my grocery money to lunch tomorrow.  I am still cautious about spending money since one never knows what is on the horizon. 


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  • Bill Badger

    Heidi, I’m just catching up with this thread.

    This is, to varying degrees, fascinating and daunting. I remember going thru much of the same calculus on stretching my money from one paycheck to the next.


  • Dennis P Tyll

    Bill great to hear from you. I hope you are doing well in your post bankruptcy life.

  • Liz Roop

    Love the blog. I go home for lunch a lot. Much better food and saves a lot. I too was in a Chapter 13. During recession. Kentucky was hit hard by the recession in 2008. Cars were not selling. Manufactures laid people off. Even Toyota Motor manufacturing was closed for 2 months. As there was excess of vehicles. That meant that any company that supplied Toyota had to lay off their employee’s too. Folks not working not buying anything not needed.
    I had to file Chapter 13 just to buy me time to get back in my feet. Well that took years to rebound. We had 1 Christmas where I bought my daughter toys at the Dollar store for 16.00. Just had no money. It was a struggle to survive daily. Came to the point of letting all go. House and all. Sold what we could and moved to Texas. We did get lucky to pay off Chapter 13 early. With help of a relative. That wanted to buy my truck. Gas was $4.50 a gallon. Driving 74 miles 1 way to work I needed to get a commuter car. I bought an old beater to put lots of miles on. Which worked out to get my credit cleared. Start rebuilding. We were able to start all over. So I have been in Clients shoes. My husband passed suddenly right after getting of Chapter 13. Now I was really starting all over again. I remained strong through the whole mess. Never gave up my faith in God to get me through. All worked out much later for the best.
    Liz Roop

    • Katarina Tyll

      Liz, you are a strong woman to be able to make it through all these trials and land on your feet. I admire you greatly. It is tough to live on a budget.

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