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Blog Post #8 – January 7th, 2020

Today I left work early after my 3:00 o’clock 341 (a) meeting was over.  I headed to the gym. (Yes the dues are in the budget they are in medical expenses)  I have been a member of this gym for 14 years, every year at this time the parking lot is packed there, all the classes are full, every lane in the pool is full and all the equipment works.  By the end of March many people have dropped out. That is kind of how Chapter 13 works. Everybody is all gungho at the beginning they are very happy to have a do over, to have the creditor’s calls stopped, and a plan to pay back the bills.  But as time goes on fewer and fewer people show up at the gym. Maybe we need a better reward system to give people incentives to stay the course. The gym works better if one has a workout partner that you can count on to meet you at the gym.  Maybe we need to figure out a way to arrange support groups for Chapter 13 debtors.

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