Day 28

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Blog Post #28 – January 28th, 2020.

Today I had to go to court.  My $5.00 parking lot has changed ot a $10 parking lot.  Even though I am reimbursed by my employer, I still have to pay for the parking fees myself up front.  I do not have a set amount of days I have to go to court, each month is different. So even if I wanted to just roll over last month’s fees to this month it would not work since the parking fees go up and down depending on what events are happening in downtown San Antonio.  

Since I was downtown i thought i would pop in on Judge Gargotta unannounced to see if he had time to talk about how things are going.  I think his law clerk did not recognize me at first and took offense to my comments. The clerk told me Judge was not in and was out to lunch.  I said ”OH so he’s out to lunch huh?” We talked a little more and he said he would tell Judge I stopped by. Later on in the day I got an email from Judge Gargotta who assured me he had not gone out to lunch after all but was out of the office when I had stopped by.  Seems like the paranoia is setting in. I can imagine how clients feel that the Trustee and creditors are looking over their shoulder the whole time. Also this is a marathon not a sprint there must be a little give in the budget. It is too hard to live this tight for an extended period.  I think the numbers need to be reevaluated. 

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