Day 27

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Blog Post #27 – January 27th, 2020.

 I was doing some errands for my parents over the weekend and I had my dad’s credit card.  I forgot to give it to him so I had to send it overnight there went $26.00 I didn’t have. Otherwise I did pretty well today.  I remembered my lunch and we cooked dinner after taking our dog for a walk. She is afraid of lots of things like trucks, cars, leaves that blow in the wind, etc so it was a very short walk.

We got home and noticed she was scratching herself.  She must be allergic to mold. I was able to find some doggie medicine form the last time she had an allergic reaction.  I feel bad because we did not take her to get her nails trimmed and she scratched her tummy raw. Having a dog around is good for people, it lowers the blood pressure, reduces stress, makes you sleep better and definitely helps keep you active.  But dogs come with a cost, organic dog food, grooming, medical attention and sweaters all add up. The B-22 form does not contain any line item for animal care unless maybe putting it as medical expenses. Luckily for us, our judges allow us to have a line item on schedule J for pet expenses.  I do not know what I would do if I had to pick between paying bills and keeping my dog!

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