Day 26

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Blog Post #26 – January 26th, 2020.

Hitting the home stretch.  I think I have figured out that I am a binge shopper.  I go days and days without spending any money, then I spend lots of money on things I need-ish.  A store in the neighborhood is going out of business and having a big sale. Dennis had gone up to the store yesterday and had purchased a University of Texas rain jacket and button down shirt for $15 each.  The shirt was marked down from $115. Now does he NEED another UT shirt? Maybe, our daughter has two more years so we will probably go to a couple of events and he certainly can’t wear the same shirt over and over again can he?  But heck that is a deal of a lifetime, how could we pass that up?. Same thing with with jacket does it rain enough to justify another rain jacket. But heck that is cheap! He went back to the store with me today and we found that all the cups and glasses were marked down to $5.00.  We got shirts and cups with Texas state logos. My older daughter graduated from there and is constantly chastising us for not having any Texas State gear. Well she can’t say that any more. We got a large metal cup with a Baylor logo for my father. No UTEP gear for me or Incarnate Word gear for my husband. (No wonder they were going out of business!)  We got lots of stuff we will use but also could have lived without.    

I was out of town most of the weekend  and we did not get our meal planning done.  We have some food prepared and some food in the freezer we can cook during the week.  We went to the grocery store to buy a few items. Next thing you know we are walking out with $78.00 worth of impulse buys.  Those people who design grocery stores know what they are doing! We made the classic mistakes of going without much of list and before eating dinner.  Seeing how easy it is to fall off the budget wagon makes me see just how hard this endeavor is, and I only have to do it for 31 days.

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