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Blog Post #25 – January 25th, 2020.

Today is a combination of Friday and Saturday. I had a long day yesterday. After being out of the office Thursday I had much to catch up on. I thankfully remembered my lunch and dinner. I had to drive to my parent’s house and I would usually stop and buy dinner but since I ate out on Thursday with my daughter I wanted to save money. My office mate offered to take me out to lunch so I could have an extra meal. I had to fill up on gas again and I forgot my phone charger, which was an extra $8 I wasn’t planning on spending.

Today I mainly helped my dad get the house ready for tonight’s Robbie Burns dinner. My husband drove down Friday to help cook but had to go home to take care of the dog. Just a few more days. I need to look at how we are doing budget-wise. It has definitely been a difficult trip so far.

I also have not been watching the budget closely like I should be doing. I keep ball parking the amount of money I can spend or need to save so how we are doing is truly a mystery. This makes me think of my clients who are supposed to be watching their budget closely for years. This challenge has been exhausting and I am not even at one month. I better understand how difficult this journey truly is for my clients.

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