Day 30

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Blog Post #30 – January 30th, 2020.

One more day! Tonight we emptied out the freezer and refrigerator for our dinner.  My husband made chicken breasts stuffed with mushrooms and sundried tomatoes. It was really good.  Low carb because we have no pasta, potatoes or bread in the house. I went out to lunch with my officemate today.  He forgot his lunch at home so we had no choice. I have a lunch at the office for tomorrow. I made lunches for today and tomorrow for my husband so we are good for the month. We do have enough left in our food budget for pizza and wine for dinner tomorrow.  I made it pretty far on my dry January quest and that help us stay in budget a lot. 

Today when I was reviewing our expenditures I noticed a charge from audible. Apparently my daughter signed up for audible a year ago and did not realize it, never used it and now she cancelled it and wiped out all of her credits.  So one benefit of doing this experiment made me look at our finances and have now saved us $16.30 a month.

I also had a little bit of money left in the personal care budget so I got a haircut.  It was badly needed. As a professional I have to be put together to convince people to hire me.  Looks are still important. As a woman of a certain age they are even more important.

I have decided to go back and amend my B-22 number now that my IRS audit turned out well.  I will continue to update through the weekend. Saturday will be pent up demand day! Stay tuned.

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