Day 31

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Blog Post #31 – January 31st, 2020

The last day and I am glad it is over!  I think I have learned a lot from this experiment.   I am much more understanding of my clients who tell me that they don’t know where the money goes.  They are right. It just evaporates.

So I told Judge Gargotta to keep receipts during this month so we could see if they bought anything we didn’t account for in the budget.  Yesterday I sorted through all my receipts and a lot of them were on thermal paper. After 2 weeks you can’t read the stupid thing so how are we supposed to keep track of where the money is going when merchants print the receipts on paper that make the ink vanish?  I don’t think the people who wrote BAPCPA had any idea what they were subjecting people to. When people tell me they can live on a budget smaller than what we lived on this month I want to call bullshit! Unfortunately, most people do have to live on budgets way tighter than what we had to live on and for a lot longer.   

I am glad I did this experiment.  It makes we have a lot more sympathy for my clients and more repugnance for the system as it is.  Unfortunately I do not feel like I can do anything to change the system. All I can do is my best and hope the system will be reformed.

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