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Blog Post #7 – January 6th, 2020

I spoke to Judge Gargotta today about how his family is tolerating life as a debtor.  He was surprised at the number at the end of the means test once he looked at it and compared it to the amount of money at the end of paying bills. He has a part time gig as a law professor some months during the year.  January is not one of them. Therefore his income this month is way off from the numbers in the means test. I guess that’s why they made “special circumstances”. Also some of the expenses we had amortized like HOA dues and bar association dues are due in January.  I guess they will have to reorganize the budget in order to make the money match the month. He also said he and his wife are working together to make sure they stay in the budget. This is the other side, some debtors can come together and work towards a common goal.

I made lunch for both my husband and I today and we both remembered to take it.  So far we are off to a good start this week. Our dog, Honey seems to be getting better and did eat some food today and went for a short walk after I got home from the gym.  I have not ridden a bike for two days in a row in a while, I learned tonight I need new bike shorts. Hurry up February!

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