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Blog Post #10 – January 9th, 2020

Monday when I went to court, I realized I had not put any money in the budget for parking.  Luckily I have a company credit card so I can still charge my parking fees to my business since this is a business expense.  

The Bankruptcy court house in San Antonio is in an old building built in the 1929’s and is right across the street from the Alamo and just down the block from the riverwalk.  It has an awesome mural in the entryway so if you are ever in town stop in to look at the building. Today I had hearings scheduled in the morning and afternoon. Parking costs $10 everytime you are in and out and traffic is very unpredictable. So it is just cheaper and easier to stay downtown.  But that brings up the problem of eating lunch. I looked at my schedule when I did the budget and figured I would need to eat lunch out 3 times this month. I figured $10 at a fast food restaurant. Well today we finished early and I settled my 1:30 hearings so technically I should have gone back to the office.  But some of my colleagues had 1:30 hearings and they were going to eat lunch on the Riverwalk, so I wanted to go with them. We had an excellent lunch at Saltgrass steak house and lots of lively conversation but my lunch cost $21.00. So I guess I will have to figure out how to pack a lunch the next time I go downtown because this one meal took 2/3 of my lunch budget.

I also went to donate blood and received two $10 gift cards to Walmart so I wonder if I need to amend my schedule B to add this as an asset based on the 5th circuit case of Crewboats!

P.s. the picture is with me and my friends, Joe Shulter and Teresa Howard in front of the Selena Quintanilla bridge.

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