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Blog Post #22 – January 21st, 2020

I was watching Bear Grylls and a celebrity walk across the jungle of Panama.  Eating cockroaches and other assorted animals they caught. They also had to repel down a mountain, climb up a cliff, and zip line across a stretch of coastline. The whole time Bear was telling the celebrity “ good job” “you can do it”  “See you made it”. Meanwhile the celebrity is cursing his name! This made me think of how we convince people the way to solve their financial problems is to file bankruptcy. We are the Bear Grylls in this example climbing up hills and repelling down mountains like its no big deal.  We file bankruptcy every day it is no big deal! Right up until the tables are turned and you are the celebrity and it is your name on that schedule I and J and you have to round up tax returns for two years, 6 months worth of pay stubs, and try to figure out how much you actually spend and where the money is going. 

Tonight Bear asked the celebrity to put rocks in his pocket and move them from one side the other to count how far they had gone. The celebrity forgot to count and was just making up numbers whenever Bear would ask how far they had gone. Finally Bear just told him straight up “I know you are lying and you lost count.”  This is how we have to be with our clients when they go off the rails. We have to let them know we know they have lost count and try to get them back on track to keep moving forward to that extraction point.

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