Day 22

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Blog Post #23 – January 22nd, 2020.

On Saturday I took my bike out for a ride.  I forgot my gloves in the car and didn’t notice until I was too far to go back and get them. (Really just too lazy to go back and get them)  I thought I would just ride without gloves. These gloves are ones I bought a year ago from somewhere in China. They were really cheap. They have never really felt great but I figured they were better than nothing. Well Saturday I learned they weren’t.  I usually get numbness in my fingers after a long ride. Without the cheap gloves I did not get numbness in my fingers. So tonight I tried a spin class without the gloves and again my hands felt better without the gloves.

I think sometimes we think we are saving by buying cheap products but really we are just getting cheap goods.  Our society has become so wrapped up in consumerism that quality is lost. It seems that part of living on a budget should be making good choices rather than just trying to save money by buying cheap goods. Unfortunately if goods are needed for everyday use it is hard to save up to buy a quality items. Such as saving up for a down payment on house when rent is more than a house payment, or having to roll negative equity on a car into the next car until a poor quality car costs as much as a high quality car and the cycle is never ending.  Or buying cheap clothes and shoes that fall apart after one washing or one good rainstorm. So maybe I will just go without bike gloves until I can save up and buy a good pair.

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